Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat Pump Water Heater

How it works :-

Highly efficient way of heating water. Consumes 25 to 30% electricity as compared to electrical heater.  It means you pay for 3-4 months & get hot water for 12 months.

It comprises of heat-pump unit, insulated hot water tank and interconnecting piping. It is compact, efficient & reliable. The unit can be installed indoors or out doors. Hot water is available round-the-clock as per your requirement. It is ideal for flats, bungalows, apartments, hotels, hostels, hospitals.

Benefits of Savemax Heat Pump:-

Electrical Boiler LPG-Boiler Diesel Boiler Wood-fired Boiler Savemax-Solar Heater Savemax-Heat-Pump
Initial cost High High High Low High High
Running Cost High High High Low Very Low Low
Maintenance Low High High Low  Low  Low
Space required Small Large Large Large  Very large  Small
Pollution Nil High High High  Nil  Nil
Safety Safe Unsafe Unsafe Unsafe  Safe  Safe
Energy saving No No No No  Yes Yes

Why Savemax Heat Pump?

  • Made in India – Made for India.
  • Compressors, evaporators, heat-exchangers,
    pumps of reputed makes used.
  • Shell & tube / Tube-in-Tube type heat exchanger
    de-scaling possible for bad water quality
  • In-house design, manufacturing & testing.
  • We give pre-despatch hot-water-trials
  • We offer AMC for long-life-performance.

Range of Savemax Heat Pumps:-

Model SM – 125 SM – 250 SM – 350 SM – 550
Heating Capacity in kW 3.69kW 7.33kW 10kW 18kW
Compressor Power input kW 1.44kW 2.35kW 3.3kW 5.2kW
Compressor Power Consumption 1.5 unit/hour 2.5 unit/hour 3.5 unit/hour 5.5 unit/hour
Operating Voltage Range 180V – 260V 180V – 260V 340V – 460V 340V – 460V
Input current 6.8A 11A 6.1A 10.5A
Hot Water LPH (25 deg temp-rise) 125LPH 250LPH 350LPH 550LPH
Hot water in 4 hours 500 Litres 1000 Litres 1400 Litres 2200 Litres
Hot water in 8 hours 1000 Litres 2000 Litres 2800 Litres 4400 Litres
Suggested Tank Capacity 300 – 500 – 1kL 500L – 2kL 1kL – 3kL 2kL – 5kL
Tanks available MS / GI / SS MS / GI / SS MS / GI / SS MS / GI / SS

*Specifications and Details are subjects to change due to continuous improvements