ETC Type Solar Water Heaters – Home Use

ETC type Home Use
100LPD 150LPD 200LPD 250LPD 500LPD
Users 2-3 3-4 4-5 5-6 10-15
 Un-shaded area required EW x SN  4ft x 6ft  6ft x 6ft  8ft x 6ft  10ft x 6ft  12ft x 8ft
Minimum Cold water bottom level 8ft 8ft 8ft 8ft
Inlet & Outlet connections 20NB 20NB 25NB 25NB 32NB
Weight on the terrace 175kg 250kg 325kg 400kg 700kg
Solar Tubes High Efficiency-SS-Cu-Al-N-triple-coated tubes sourced from world’s reputed supplier
Capacity 100lpd/150lpd/200lpd/250lpd/ 500lpd
Hot water storage tank SS 304 grade / MS Epoxy Coated / Galvanized Steel
Electrical backup Socket provision for Built-in 3kw with thermostat
Outer Cover Pre-Coated Steel
Insulation PUF
Stand for system Modular, enamel painted, integrated made from CRCA high-quality steel
Colour Pre-coated steel Ivory for shell & satin-black for side covers

Technical Specifications:-

ULTE(Ultra low emission evacuated tube)
Length(m) 1.8 2.1
Structure Three Target
Material Of Glass Borosilicate Glass 3.3
Selective coating type ALNO/ ALNOSS/ Cu
Outer Tube Diameter (mm) φ 58
Thickness of outer tube (mm) 1.8
Inner tube diameter (mm) φ 47
Thickness of inner tube (mm) 1.6
Absorptance ratio ≥ 0.94
Emission ratio ≤ 0.06
Solar transmission rate ≥ 92%
Vaccume rate (pa) ≤ 5.2 x 10-4
Max. Temper oC 300
Average heat loss (W/m2.oC) ≤ 0.50
Rated Pressure(Mpa) 1.0
Stagnation Parameter(m2.oC/kW) 1.0
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (K-3) 3.3 x 10-6
Solar Radiance Exposures(MJ/m-2) ≤ 4.6
Life Time(yrs) 15

Salient Features:-

  • Latest state-of-the-art In-house technology perfected since 2007
  • Cost-effective & easy-to-maintain
  • Full 3600 tracking from Sunrise to Sunset
  • Evacuated tubes imported from world’s renowned company
  • Triple coat patented high efficiency selective coating
  • Very high degree of vacuum to prevent radiation loss
  • Solar Tanks made from high quality material sourced from reputed manufacturers
  • High Pressure PUF injection process used for producing thoroughly insulated tanks
  • Powder-coated CRCA sheet metal frames for tank & tubes

* Specifications and details are subjects to change due to continuous improvements