Solar Lighting Projects

Sun gives solar energy to us everyday which is sufficient for 1 year’s use!! Because the sun shines everywhere, it is available to everyone free-of-cost.
Grid electricity is paid for as you use it, with payments stretching out forever.
For PV system you pay only once. Solar energy is free there-after.
Solar energy is free, dependable, ever-lasting & affordable.

We at Savemax provide complete solution involving, designing, sizing, selection, site-survey, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning & servicing Solar PV systems.

For Roof-top-applications the sizing is done based on following parameters.

Appliances & Power rating

Tube Lights Fan TV (LED/LCD) Computer Laser printer Inkjet Fridge
50W 70W 100W 150W 600W 50W 600W

Pay-back-period : 5KW solar power project

Pay-back as low as 4-6 years – life more than 20 years

Investment for grid-tied Rs.4,50,000=00
Energy saved everyday 20 units
Energy saved every year 6,600 units
Savings @ Rs.10/unit per year Rs.66,000=00 approx
Simple pay-back period 6 -7 years w/o depreciation benefit
Depreciation benefit – 80% of cost 4-5 years with depreciation benefit
Life of solar modules More than 20 years
Warranty 20 years

Designed as per customer requirement grid-interactive / off-grid

  • Solar Panels –  reputed make
  • Solar batteries – reputed make
  • Solar panels warranty: 20 years
  • Solar electronics warranty: 1 year
  • Solar battery warranty: 2 years